Enzo Ferrari argued that the passion can not be explained, it can only be lived.
Passion for cars can be showed in many forms … being spectators to races and cheer for a team or for another, being lovers of mechanical functioning as pure and follow their evolutionary stages; preferring the aspects that concern design or performances; approaching this world for the attractiveness that have the characters that created it; exchanging opinions about a common interest. All this culminates when you can drive a car or when you empathize with the pilot who is doing it …. with adrenaline … knowing the limits of the car, the difficulty of the course …..
Franco and Silvano, and now Davide and Andrea have always had this passion, having the privilege to share it with many friends.

There are many events they participate and many opportunities that provide a great experience: the haunts of fans in places of cultural interest, the various circuits, in Italy and in Europe, lot of initiatives organized for charity or to support an important cause .

L’F40 che ha vinto il terzo premio di categoria per il concorso di eleganza svoltosi durante i festeggiamenti del 70° anno dalla nascita della fabbrica Ferrari.

Davide Toni e la moglie durante la premiazione.