We are in the 50s and 60s ….. Franco Toni works in the Ferrari racing department. Just to be clear, the sports scene is dominated by riders like Lucien Bianchi, de Portago, Gendebien … von Trips … Mike Hawthorn, Fangio.

In ’54 Franco and his wife Antonietta move to Belgium. The new environment of Garage Francorchamps, founded by Jacques Swaters, adds experience to the experience and the adventure continues for about 2 years.

Back in Italy, Franco opened a small workshop and made available their knowledge to ensure fans a hassle-free maintenance of their vehicles, taking care of the best brands in the land of engines …. In this period a young Silvano took his first steps into the real world of engines, is passionate and learn a lot …. and meanwhile grows …

At the turn of the 70s there is a brief interruption, a period when Franco moved to Stanguellini’s to collaborate on the project of the “MOMO” and Silvano was working at Ferrari’s racing department.

Unfortunately the economy limps a little because of the energy crisis and then the whole thing is a bit slow, including the project of the new supercar.

In ’75 what had started as a sole proprietorship becomes the Toni Auto with headquarters in Maranello as we know it today. At the time, Silvano was 25 years old and works with his father absorbing all the passion and the experience.

These are the years of Arturo Merzario, Carlos Reuteman, Jacky Ickx, Niki Lauda … these are the years of the great challenges and great victories that make dreaming. The workshop is not only a place where people work, but a space where ideas are exchanged, experimented and above all, the same passion for engines, typical of our land, is shared. Here are grown great friendships and relationships that still resist despite the passage of time.

Towards the end of the ’80s, both in Italy and abroad, develops a special interest for the recovery and restoration of classic cars. The prestigious and famous cars strike the collective imagination because of their rarity and beauty, but also for their value. It is a phenomenon that is still in process of expansion and during the years Toni Auto also has specialized in this area. Silvano and Franco now have a lot of experience in the mechanical and, using valid external collaborators, are able to restore the original luster of the cars and ensure their perfect functioning, also building unobtainable parts of cars out of production.

That was the atmosphere when Davide and then the youngest Andrea, take part to the company founded by his grandfather. Both have studied at IPSIA A.Ferrari, and both grow the same interest in cars that distinguishes the family.

Their contribution is absolutely essential with regard to the new software required for the maintenance of the supercar produced from the 90s onwards.
Years are characterized by significant changes that impact on the electronics, the design and performance …. the only things that do not change are passion and dedication.

In 2009 Franco died. Everyone remembers him for the seriousness ,the constancy and commitment that has put towards work and family. About him remains an experience handed down that is priceless, and the desire of perfection, of transparency, that can be observed today in cars that “come out” from workshop.
Today Silvano, Davide and Andrea, armed with an history of 40 years, continue the path with the help of valuable employees. An example above all is Vincenzo, that joined the company when he was very young and now is specialized in all aspects that make a car complete.

The workshop also collaborates with the Institute IPSIA A. Ferrari in internship programs that offer the chance to Italian and foreign students having a first contact with the world of work.

Davide and Andrea are the future. Both passionate and knowledgeable, play different roles in the workshop, but they share the same experience handed down over time. They are the guardians of the most important and valuable aspect that has always made Toni Auto one of the most prestigious in this field: the historical memory.